Advanced Photonic Devices and Systems Laboratory (APDSL) is established by Dr. Ozdal Boyraz in 2005. Major research areas include silicon-based integrated optics, light detection and ranging (lidar), and optical communications systems and devices. Current research activities include:

  • Simultaneous ranging and velocimetry using coherent lidars
  • Lidar systems for CubeSat platforms
  • Metalens design for free-space optical applications
  • Free-space optical communication
  • Bolometric infrared detectors
  • Plasmonics for STT-RAM memory cells
  • Mid-infrared photonics based on silicon-on-sapphire waveguides
  • Wide-field-of-view imaging using micro-mirrors
  • Active photonic devices based on nonlinear properties of silicon
  • Time-stretching optical system
  • Optical leaky-wave antenna
  • Trench waveguides
  • Plasmonic antennas
  • Optical tweezing